DETROIT, Mich (Detroit Free Press) - More than one month after the winning numbers were drawn for the $80 million Mega Millions jackpot July 5, Dick Zelasko of Troy discovered he was rich.

Zelasko, who purchased the winning ticket at John's Market, 75 E. Square Lake Road in Troy, kept the slip in his wallet for several weeks, according to the Michigan Lottery. He eventually checked the ticket at a lottery self-scanner and received a message that instructed him to contact the Lottery. The message, however, was not enough to prompt him to check the numbers.

He took avacation and a few golf trips, all with the $8 million ticket in his wallet. "That would have been a terrible time to lose your wallet," he said, laughing.

Zelasko saw a story about someone claiming to have purchased the winning ticket at his lottery vendor of choice.

He finally checked his ticket's numbers Aug. 13.

"I thought someone was playing a joke on me," he said. "We paced and paced all night."

Zelasko said he has played the lottery and gambled at casinos for years, but never won more than $20. He may buy a new home and car - and "just take care of family and enjoy the peace of mind" the prize brings.