Mind Meets Music
1550 East Beltline Ave Ste 170
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506
Phone (616) 419-4329
Website https://mindmeetsmusic-public.sharepoint


Mind Meets Music is a unique and revolutionary program enhancing brain development and growing reading and higher order thinking skills in kindergarten, first and second grade.
Mind Meets Music also customizes music programs to fit schools needs.

Increasing literacy skills through music in at risk, early elementary students.

Mind Meets Music is a revolutionary new method of increasing literacy and higher order thinking skills in early elementary students through music. In a test market, this original, specialized, and intense curriculum produced independently verified test results showing a 34% increase in improvement in reading scores. We offer an in-school, twice weekly program that is not only very popular with both teachers and students, but achieve significant results as well. Mind Meets Music uses a highly concentrated form of music education methodology from Hungary, adapted for American students by Dr. Monique Salinas-Stauffer.