(Detroit Free Press) -- So who played a key role in Miley Cyrus' transformation from sweet Hannah Montana to twerking, smirking bad girl?

Why, we did, fellow metro Detroiters.

In an interview posted Tuesday at, the singer-actress who shocked America with a raunchy performance at last month's Video Music Awards on MTV says she went through some changes while shooting the movie "LOL" in the Detroit area in summer of 2010.

"Detroit's where I felt like I really grew up," she says. "It was only for a summer, but that's where I started going to clubs, where I got my first tattoo. Well, not my first tattoo, but my first without my mom's consent. I got it on 8 Mile! I lied to the guy and told him I was 18. I got a heart on my finger and wore a Band-Aid for two months so my mom wouldn't find out."

The teen-centric "LOL" is an English-language adaptation of a 2008 French film about romance in the age of social media. Scenes were shot in locations including Detroit, Dearborn and Grosse Pointe Farms, and Cyrus sightings were common in the Pointes and elsewhere in the late summer of 2010. The movie was released last year with little fanfare.

Actress Demi Moore costarred in the film, and Cyrus tells Rolling Stone she bonded with Moore during shooting. At the time, Moore's relationship with husband Ashton Kutcher was drawing tabloid headlines.

"That was dope because I think we needed each other at that point," Cyrus says. "We both needed to get out of L.A."

By Greg Crawford