Muskegon, Mich. (WZZM)A 14 year old Norton Shores teen is facing three charges related to a number ofcases of breaking and entering and home invasion in Muskegon County.

Norton Shores detectives believe the teen may be responsible for a dozen crimes starting this summer. They include breaking into garages to steal bikes, cigarettes, and alcohol, and soda.

He's the key suspect in a B & E at the Oakridge Golf Club. He's accused of breaking windows and stealing golf clubs. The teen is also linked to incidents at GVSU radio.

The 14 year old was eventually caught when he was driving a stolen car and ran a red light near Terrace and Grand in Muskegon. In court the teens parents told the referee they had caught their son out late at night once earlier this summer but they say they had no idea he had left the home in the middle of the night on other occasions. For now he is being held at the Muskegon County youth transition center.