Allendale, MI (WZZM) - A new study centered around Alzheimer's Diseasehappening in West Michigan is in need of participants.

Rebecca Davis, an Associate Professor of Nursing at Grand Valley State University, received a $316,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health.

She and her team will use a computer simulation along with a special pair of glasses to figure out how people with Alzheimer's find their way to a destination.

The idea is to test the science behind how to make an environment, like a continuing care facility, more understandable to patients.

Rebecca Davis talks more about the upcoming study and the criteria for patients interested in taking part. Click on the video link to watch the segment.

Participation in the study includes an initial screening visit and testing in the simulation for two consecutive days.

People interested can contact Cathy Weisbeck at (616) 331-5669 or