UPDATE 8:15PM (WZZM) - Grand Rapids Police are clearing the scene of an earlier standoff, saying the suspect was not inside the surrounded residence.

Police have given all clear to the building and the bar on the lower level.

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- Customers are beingheld inside a bar on Plainfield Avenue as police respond to some type of threat.

WZZM 13's Steve Zaagman sayshe and other patrons were told by Grand Rapids Police they could not leave The Rezervoir, located at 1418 Plainfield Ave. NE, until the situation ended.

Zaagman saw what appeared to be a SWAT team in the parking lot behind the bar and officers with guns drawn.

WZZM 13's Phil Dawson reports that police were called to one of the apartments above the bar that someone had threatened another person with a gun. That person is refusing to come out and speak with police.

WZZM 13 has a crew on the scene and will have more information as details are available.

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