GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- Things are about to get a little hairy this November. Men around the country are growing mustaches to raise awareness of men's health issues in a fund-raising event called "Movember."

Andy Skiver has been cutting hair formore than20 years. As the owner King's Room Barbershop, he knows what men are willing to talk about and what they're not, like going to the doctor.

"Men have a tendency to put things off and wait until the last minute until it's dire," said Skiver.

Dr. Frank Belisito is a physician with Metro Health. He has a few things on his checklist when it comes to men's health. "I think the first thing we want them to do is come in," says Belisito.

Second, know your family history. "[For example,] are they at risk for diabetes, are they at risk for high blood pressure or heart disease?"says Belisito.

And third, come clean with any symptoms you might be experiencing. "If men come in and say they're having problems urinating, problems with bowel movements, blood in the stool, chest pain, shortness of breath, those are the types of things that we screen for during a physical exam," heexplains.

CONTEST:Upload a photo of your Movember mustache

Finally: Grow a mustache! November is Men's Health Awareness Month and has beendubbed Movember by a non-profit group encouraging men to grow mustaches in support of men's health awareness. Skiver is grooming his clients for the challenge.

"I hope to see a lot of great mustaches in here. I'd like to see some handlebar mustaches," he says.

Several of the men here at WZZM will be growing mustaches for Movember and we want you to join in the fun. We've got a contest for the best mustache. To join,click on the Movember contest link The man with thebest mustache wins a year of free haircuts from Kings Room Barbershop.