(WZZM) - "We can become the most sustainable city in the country," says Grand Rapids City Manager Greg Sundstrom. But what would that cost you?

Tuesday is Election Day and a parks millage is on the ballot for voters the City of Grand Rapids. Specifically, this millage would tack on an extra .98 mills to your property tax over the next seven years, so if you have a $100,000 home, that means $49 more per year.

The extra money would give the city $28 millionto be used for parks, pools, and playgrounds, but this millage is not only about making those improvements, it is a part of a bigger purposecalled "Phase II" of the city's Transformation Plan.

If you remember in 2010, a millage was approved by voters with the main focus to add public safety workers, eliminate the City's $32 million deficit and make other improvements. Those goals have now been met and now some of the extra money from that 2010 millage is being approved for projects like a street light audit, which costs $500,000, and will be performed soon.

City Manager Greg Sundstrom tells me this new millage would pay for similar projects to improve the city's sustainability. "We have been following a plan for four years now and we have been very successful,"he said.Phase I of the city's Transformation Plan ends in 2015.

"The next five years will require a great deal of discipline on the part of the city; it will require a great deal of focus to make sure that we are not wandering off and spending money on new programs, new ideas, or new things. We need to focus on making our assets sustainable and building our reserves. If we can do that, I do believe we can become the most sustainable city in the country."

Election day is Tuesday, November 5. Polls are open 7 a.m.-9 p.m.