DEERFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WZZM) -- Mecosta County was one of the hardest hit areas in the state from Sunday's severe storms.

In Deerfield Township, Phil and Pat Cranney's home and property took a direct blow. They were inside at the time. "I heard a horrible roar," says Phil. Debris flew off their house and several trees came down.

Neighbor Frank Sharp says he witnessed a similar storm in 1998 and rushed over to see if the Cranney's were OK. "I felt really sorry for them. I've been through it myself, it's terrible. There's no way to describe when you walk out and see your home like that."

20 miles northwest, the storm sheered off trees and damaged homes. Crews spent the day clearing limbs and restoring power.

At Phil Morrison's house near Morley, he's glad his wife and baby were able to get to safety. He was rushing home at the time. "That's when it took the sliders off, ripped them off, everything went crazy." No one was hurt, but any of their belongings are now outside, on the ground. "It moved through quick, just a few minutes."

Back at the Cranney's home, they wait for insurance adjusters to arrive to assess the damage. As bad as it is, they're just glad no one was hurt.