(WZZM) Embattled Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, is acknowledging his drinking has resulted in "excessive, stupid, immature behavior" including smoking crack. But, he says he's not done with politics.

The Toronto City Council held a day-long session yesterday, voting to strip him of his remaining powers and budget. Several people at the meeting shouted "Shame! Shame!" at Ford. At one point, he got into a shouting match with hecklers, running at them, and ran over a member of the council in the process. She was not injured.

Ford claims the council is trying to force him out.

"This is nothing more, this is nothing more than a coup d'etat. And if you don't know what a coup d'etat means, it means that you are overruling a government and some people said this is democracy. What's happening here today is not a democratic process, it is a dictatorship process," he said.

Ford has denied allegations of other illegal drug use, drunk driving, and sexual harassment. He's vowing an "outright war" in next year's mayoral election.

We'll hear more from the mayor and his brother Doug when they appear onABC's Good Morning America, beginning at 7:00 a.m. Tuesdayhere on WZZM 13.