(WZZM) - Just in time for the holidays, a Grand Rapids-made app allows you take the privilege of being able to eat out and turn it into aid for those who can't afford to.

The FoodCircles App lets you purchase a dessert or appetizer from your phone starting at $1. You take your phone to one of 20 popular Grand Rapids restaurants, like Stella's Lounge or San Chez Bistro and show the server. While you enjoy your meal, 100% of what you spent goes to help local and international causes.

"Locally, it provides dinner to people living under the poverty line in Greater Grand Rapids," explained Founder Jonathan Kumar. "Internationally, you're providing a day's worth of this substance called Plumpy'nut, which is a food created for severely malnourished children who are close to starvation."

This app is based on the already-existing website, It's creators hope their concept will catch on soon in other cities.