GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- ABC News Correspondent John Quinones, host of the show, "What Would You Do?" was in Grand Rapids recently to discuss the program and promote educational opportunity.

"What Would You Do?" returns to the airwaves Tuesday night at 10 on WZZM 13. Quinones, ABC's first Latino correspondent, calls the hidden camera show a "candid camera of ethics."

"We're kind of holding up a mirror, I think, to society, to morals and ethics in this country... to get a sense of where we stand on issues like racism, discrimination but also bullying against children, spousal abuse-- we do everything," Quinines told Peter Ross.

Quinones was 13 years old when he first visited Michigan; his family came to pick fruit and his father told him then, "Look, do you want to do this for the rest of your life, or do you want to get a college education?" It was a no brainer of course, but no one in my family had gone to college," said Quinones.

He went to college thanks to the federal Upward Bound program. His visit to Grand Rapids was on behalf of Ferris State University's Ferris Foundation for Excellence, a program that provides scholarships for students and merit grand awards for faculty and staff. Ferris says the event showcased how the university is impacting lives and strenthening Michigan's future through education and outreach.