GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- Slide offs, spins outs, and car accidents dominated the roads Thursday and as the weather changes, so should your driving habits.

Dave Muma has been a driving instructor at Century Driving School for years, and he has seen first hand what happens when you don't follow the rules of the road.

He offered the following tips for winter weather driving:

--Clean your car, not just the windshield. Numa says as you drive, the snow on the front of your car will blow around, obstructing not only your vision, but other drivers' visibility too.

--Give yourself more space. The more space you give yourself, the more time you have to react.

--Look further down the road to see what is going on, don't focus only on the car directly in front of you.

--Communicate to the people behind you. For example if you are forced to slow down, Numa says you should start relaying that information to other drivers.

"You really need to start flashing and communicating to the people behind you-- the people you impact aren't the people in front, for the most part it is the people in back."

--Keep your mind on driving. Numa says we all lead busy lives and tend have a lot going on while driving, but that isn't a good thing.

"When you drive in the winter, you have to give the right attentional demand to driving, because if you don't, then you will slide off because you're mentally late."

Stay in your car if you do get into an accident. Stepping outside of your vehicle can lead to serious, even deadly injuries from passing vehicles.

--Keep headlights and taillights on. Your lights should be on regardless of whether it's daylight of night because snow squalls can cause whiteout conditions with very little warning.