(KXTV/Gannett Broadcasting) - Children today have access to more tech devices than any generation before them.

Now, doctors say too much time on those handheld devices raises your child's risk of eyesight problems.

Dr. Sharon Yurko, a pediatric optometrist, says in the last decade, she has seen an increase in the number of young patients with advancing Myopia or near sightedness.

She says that's due in part to the hours children spend on hand held devices.

"If they can't control that focusing and eye alignment, then we've got a problem," she said.

Normally, our blink rate is 20 to 30 times per minute. When you read printed material, like a newspaper, the blink rate drops to 12 times per minute. When you look at the computer or a smartphone, it drops to seven, even three times per minute.

"You figure that out on an eight hour day, that's like 6,000 blinks you're missing," said Yurko.

Some advice, limit their time with the devices or get them outside.