GRANDVILLE, Mich. (WZZM) -- Thursday night WZZM 13 reported on asecret Santawho is once again paying off layaway accounts at the Kmart on Plainfield Avenue in Grand Rapids.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous,gave thousands of dollars to pay off dozens of layaway bills. He did the same thing two years ago at the same Kmart store. Thursday the man told WZZM 13 he was hoping other would follow his example this holiday season.

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Friday afternoon, a 70-year-old woman called the WZZM 13 Information Center in tearsto say a good Samaritan showed her unexpected kindness.

Patricia Everett was shopping at theMeijer on Rivertown Parkway SW when a women in her 30s offered to help transfer the groceries from Pat's electric wheelchair to the checkout conveyer belt.

Patricia says she didn't realize what had happened until the cashier handed her a receipt and told her the$57 grocery bill was already paid. At that point the good Samaritan had already walked away and Patricia couldn't find her in the parking lot.

"I'm so thankful, I just wanted to tell someone about it," Pat told WZZM 13. She says she worked as a waitress for 50 years and has never had anything like this ever happen to her.