GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- With the anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti, the Red Cross tells us how they're still involved.

Years after the earthquake in Haiti, Haitians are still working to pick up the pieces, and volunteers at the American Red Cross say they've been there all along, trying to reduce issues like-- cholera outbreaks.

"In 2012 the Red Cross piloted a vaccination program and was able to vaccinate 90,000 people against the disease which is a vast improvement."

Kelly Hudson with the Red Cross says, our donations have also helped create warning systems, so the next time around, Haiti will be prepared.

"In the past Haiti has been hit by several disasters, earthquakes, and hurricanes, so having these measures in place will hopefully make Haiti a safer place when disasters come."

After the earthquake many Haitians were in temporary shelters. While the Red Cross says still more work needs to be done, there is already significant progress.

"After the earthquake people were living in camps in the last four years 90% of those people were able to transition out of those camps and into more permanent homes."

Plus the Red Cross reports they've worked to rebuild or repair at least 8 hospitals, so Haitians have better access to health care.