HOLLAND, Mich. (WZZM) -- A Holland gun store is calling for changes to a city ordinance, because the owners say it's getting in the way of future business. The Bullet Hole on East 8th Street plans to build an indoor shooting range, but the ordinance makes it illegal to fire a weapon within city limits.

Ben Phillips has his eyes set on an indoor firing range, but before that can happen he's taking aim at a Holland city ordinance. "Some of their ordinances came up that we collided with, it's a situation of trying to correct those," says Phillips, co-owner of the Bullet Hole Firearms and Training.

The ordinance makes it illegal to fire a weapon within city limits. The Bullet Hole already spent more than $200,000 to buy a building a few doors down and use it as a showroom before learning of the law.

"We're not reinventing the wheel, you've got shooting ranges in Grand Rapids, Bay City, all over the state," says Phillips.

"If we change the ordinance to allow discharge of firearms, the next question is where do you allow it and under what conditions?" says Phil Meyer, Director of Holland Community and Neighborhood Services Department.

The Bullet Hole is waiting for a city council decision before buying and constructing the firing range. The range would be built next to the showroom. "We will meet all the city ordinances for sound, the projectile will not leave the facility," says Phillips.

"We sent out notices to the neighbors and we received three letters back, one supportive of this and two raising concerns about the impact on the neighborhood," says Meyer.

However, Phillips says outdoor ranges are becoming harder to find, "as subdivisions encroach on the outdoor ranges," says Phillips. Now, he wants to convince council members, that indoor ranges are much safer.

Police and some agriculturally zoned areas are exempt from the current ordinance. Council members are expected to discuss possible changes to the ordinance at Wednesday's meeting.