DETROIT (WZZM) -The 2014 edition of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit is the event's 25th anniversary, and the show's chairman says it's better than ever.

"I see it getting bigger and bigger," nods show chairman Bob Schuman. "Right now everything is positive. I think we have more media than we've ever had."

Hundreds of vehicles, some never seen before, are in the show at the Cobo Center in downtown Detroit.At least 50 vehicles will make their debut at the show.

"If you've got a new car, Detroit is the perfect place to bring it out," explains Schuman. "It's a media-driven show. Because of the media coverage they get more bang for their buck."

Schuman says nearly $300 million in renovations to the Cobo Center will provide a better environment for visitors to the show.

"Because the roof doesn't leak, the plumbing works, the escalators work," he explains."The building was in a lot of trouble. Now we have a world class facility for a world class show."

Reporters and auto industry representatives get the first look at the vehicles this week.