DETROIT (WZZM) -- It started with just the Big Three, now five decades later, the 'Detroit Auto Show' is now the North American International Auto Show.

The showcase of cars and trucks first came to CoboHall in 1965.

"We were a regional show back then. We were mostly Ford, GM and Chrysler; they were the big gorillas here and we tried to keep the other manufacturers out," recalled NAIAS chairman, Bob Shuman.

Then in 1987, members of the Detroit Auto Dealers Association expanded their dream of becoming the North American International Auto Show.

"They went from manufacturer to manufacturer and said, 'You bring us the cars, and we'll bring you the media," said Shuman. "Lexus and Infiniti through Toyota and Nissan, they came here first when those brands started in the U.S., and that's what got us going."

25 years of international attention is met by another benchmark: in that time, it has made southeast Michigan an estimated $10 billion.

Shuman predicts 850,000 people will see this year's show.