LAWRENCE, Mich. (WZZM) -- A 74-year-old man is facing home invasion charges after he was caught on camera breaking into a home in Van Buren County.

The victim, Dan Bohle, says he suspected someone had been stealing from him since December. It wasn't until recently that $400 of his upcoming vacation money went missing. Dan and his wife, Patty took action, setting up a trail camera in the kitchen and pointed it at the door.

The thief can be seen at the table going through Dan's wallet. "How much money you think he took? I know the last three times, which was over six days, about $535," Dan told WZZM 13.

The Bohles contacted the Van Buren County Sheriff's Department. The elderly man was later arrested for first degree home invasion. The Bohles know who he is and have helped him in the past.

"We've helped him for years and years. With a place to live, provided him with money. I just decided that I've helped him for 10 to 15 years. You just don't do that to somebody you helped," said Dan.

Deputies searched the man's home and found drug residue. They also say after he left the Bohles' home, he went to a nearby casino where he stayed for about an hour and a half. He will likely be arraigned on Tuesday.