Expert Shares The Other Important Lessons That Every Student Should Learn - For Both Parents And Students

Everyone should strive to excel academically in college.
However, equally important in the career of a college student is gaining the life skills that form the foundation for a rich professional and personal life ahead.
David Porter, an expert on social engineering and a consultant to colleges and universities throughout North America, including Simon Fraser University, says, "The other side of a well-rounded college career is learning money and time management skills, career planning, and building relationships, bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime.
Now for the secret: Studies show that students who are socially connected to their campus have better GPAs, are personally and academically more responsible, and have a better chance of graduating.
This comes as no surprise to the colleges and universities, which are beginning to use their dining halls as a new generation of common spaces and as recruitment tools.
What can students and their parents do to insure they grow emotionally, socially and academically?
Porter brings your audience insights into how to thrive in the modern campus culture, and explains why colleges are using the new generation of dining halls and social spaces to attract students and improve their college experience, both socially and academically.
• 3 tips on how to participate in a campus culture to forge healthy social bonds that will ensure a strong academic performance and responsible behavior.
• 3 reasons why the new generation of dining halls and social spaces are crucial to a strong social and cultural campus experience, especially for younger students.
• How the new generation of campus social spaces offers a natural common ground for people from all walks of life to make new relationships that can advance their future careers.
• How the new generation of campus social spaces help teach students the social and emotional skills necessary to excel in a future career or business.

About H. David Porter
David Porter, a social architect, is chief executive officer and president of Porter Khouw Consulting, Inc., a master planning and design firm. David has more than 30 years of hands-on consulting experience and has helped transform Simon Fraser University in BC and Toronto's York University. Porter Khouw Consulting has worked with more than 350 clients to conduct market research and develop strategic plans, master plans and designs for the college and university market. Porter is a graduate of the prestigious hospitality program at Michigan State University and has been recognized repeatedly as a leader in his field. He is the author of "The Porter Principles,"