HOLLAND, Mich. (WZZM) -- "Fast and Furious," that's how local plow drivers are describing the latest winter blast as snow piles continue to grow higher. Now Holland city road crews are just starting to move the snow into local parks and empty real estate is in high demand.

Ben Tinholt, owner of Lakeshore Snow Management,is rolling with winter's punches.Each of the many snowpilesis a different round in the fight.

"I've been pushing snow for the better part of 30 years and there's only been a couple times when it's been this fast and this furious for this many days in a row," says Tinholt.

In a church parking lot that Tinholt is plowing, some snowpiles are taller than the garage, others aregrowing to the height ofa basketball hoop, and even a light pole.Tinholt says throughout the city, snow piles arerunning out of space to go. For Lakeshore Snow Management, all options are on the table.

"Haulingit away, blowing it into a pond, piling itup," says Tinholt. "It's just starting to take up parking spaces."

So far, Holland city road crews have been more focused on clearing roads. They are trying to catch upafter the latest winter blastand are just starting to move the snow piles. One of the first places they're moving the snow piles is the Matt Urban Sports Complex. City crews will also use other parks, like KollenPark,for dumping snow.

"Theyprobably have a little more access to stuff," says Tinholt.

Private companies rely on who they know to find empty land.

"There'sa lot of vacant land on the north side of town and people say 'Oh yea you can bring snow,'" says Tinholt. "People are willing to help out for the most part, everyone is in the same boat."

Holland's Transportation Department says it will take at least one week to move the snow piles to city parks and other empty spaces.