WALKER, Mich. (WZZM) -- With the frigid temperatures outside, cabin fever is kicking in and it has some families venturing outside of the house for some fun.

"I'm ready to pull my hair out; we had to get out of the house," said Andrea Bylsma. Her children are on their third snow day this week. She decided to bring them to Jester's Court in Walker. "They were outside for about 10 minutes yesterday. It was too cold. don't want to worry about frostbite."

It's been a frustrating winter for parents, but good for some businesses. Jester's Court owner Monica Wright says, "I would say, overall, it's helped us. Again, with below zero temperatures, kids can't be outside playing and I think parents are looking for an outlet for the kids."

The roads have been snow covered and it's been bitterly cold, a good time for a movie, says Steve VanWagoner at Celebration Cinema North. "Well, generally we have about 30 people here during a mid-week day in January. Right now, we have about 230 people in the building.

Even though the children like it, parents are ready for things to get back to normal. "They're going back to school tomorrow. I'm going to plow the route for them," Bylsma says with a laugh.