1. Valentine's Day is known as the celebration of Love - for a romantic mate, or a close friend or family member that means something extra special

2. Lingerie and sleepwear are associated with the holiday --- these pieces give a sense of femininity

3. Fuchsia and red are the colors of the holiday - representing the colors of our heart

4. There are several styles to choose from - all will a feminine touch - and many appropriate for gift giving

5. Our three models will be wearing sleepwear and we will show some additional lingerie on a display gird

6. February is also American Heart Month - and the "Go Red" Campaign for women. It is a time to call attention to the seriousness of heart disease - especially in women. Women are to wear something red throughout the month to remind them to get checked and take care of their heart.

7. As always, the merchandise is affordably priced and available at Meijer!
Courtesy: Meijer