MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, Mich. (WZZM) -- West Michigan is currently dealing with one of the hardest winters in decades.

Above ground, we're experiencing the extreme cold and large amounts of snow, but those conditions combined are causing problems underground especially in the city of Muskegon Heights.

"I came home from work Tuesday night at midnight and had absolutely no water," said Pamela Johnson, who lives in Muskegon Heights.

She's gone a full week without water due to frozen pipes under the street in front of her house.

Those pipes belong to the city of Muskegon Heights and, according to Johnson, haven't been inspected by the city after numerous attempts to contact them.

"I called a plumber and he said this is backwards," added Johnson. "[the plumber] shouldn't come to inspect first; [the city of Muskegon Heights] is supposed to come and verify it's not their pipes first."

Pamela says she was told by somebody at Muskegon Heights Water Department that somebody would stop by her house Tuesday morning for an inspection.

"Nobody came this morning," Johnson said angrily.

The lack of water has led to additional problems for Pamela.

"I am also without heat because I have hot water boiler heat," said Johnson. "I had to turn my boiler off so it doesn't run dry and so my house doesn't explode."

For the past week, Pamela says she has been going across her street to her neighbor's house to shower and borrow water so she can flush her toilets.

A block away from Pamela's house is another home with the same issue - no running water.

The homeowner wasn't home when WZZM visited, but the plumber they hired was there trying to heat the pipes.

"They haven't had running water since last Thursday," said Murray Vanderstelt, who says he's currently trying to unfreeze pipes at three different houses in Muskegon Heights.

Vanderstelt, who has been a plumber for 20 years, says the problem isn't with the pipes going to the homes but instead it's with the main pipes under the streets which are the responsibility of Muskegon Heights.

"You don't know if [the pipes under the roads] are already broke or not because of being frozen until they are thawed or until spring comes," added Vanderstelt.

WZZM decided to go to Muskegon Heights City Hall Thursday to see if anything is being done about the frozen pipe problem.

Doug Kadzban, who is the Director of Infrastructure for the Muskegon Heights Water Department, declined to do an on-camera interview Tuesday, but he did offer this statement:

"As customers call to let us know about the pipes, we're doing follow-up, on-sight inspections as fast as we can."

But for Pamela Johnson, it hasn't been fast enough.

"I am suffering, and there's plenty of other people around that are suffering," Johnson said.

Muskegon Heights Water Department says they know of at least two dozen homes that currently have frozen pipes and are without running water.

The city of Manistee is dealing with a similar problem. It is advising it's residents to run a pencil-sized stream of water continuously, until further notified by the city, to prevent the pipes from freezing.