ZEELAND, Mich. (WZZM) -- Zeeland's mayor is calling for vigilance against drugs, after the city's first meth bust since 2009. Last week, members of the state drug task force, WEMET, discovered meth-making materials at a house on North Elm Street.

John Gras knows how to fix a car part or two and he enjoys working in a city known for being squeaky clean. "Zeeland'skind of a quiet small town and we'd like to keep it drug free," says Gras, president of John's Battery and Electric.

In fact, the words meth bust and Zeeland rarely go in the same sentence. However, what members of WEMET say they found ata house-apartment onNorth Elm Street, is sparking a new conversation.

"The components for methamphetamine were located," says Detective Lieutenant Andrew Fias, with WEMET. "It's very unusual,the last meth lab in the city of Zeeland was in 2009, and that's the first one I think they had in Zeeland."

"I think the bad guys know the Zeeland police force is very vigilant," says Mayor Kevin Klynstra, whois nowurging continued vigilance against drugs in the community. "It opens our eyes a little bit that we aren't immune to things like this."

The suspect, a man in his 30s, who lives at the apartment hasn't been arrested yet, because of pending lab results. WEMETisn't naming the suspect at this point or commenting on who else lives at the apartment because of the ongoing investigation, but they do say the incident is connected to a growing trend among meth users, called the one pot method.

"Whenthey take all the ingredients and throw it into atwo liter pop bottle," says Detective Lt.Fias."Those two liter bottles will regularly fail, spilling Coleman fuel or another flammable solvent all over the ground."

"Hopefully, we keep stuff like that out of Zeeland," says Gras.

WEMET says the materials will be sent to the state police crime lab in Grand Rapids, which could take up to two weeks to get results. The suspect could face a felony methamphetamine charge, carrying up to 20 years in prison.