Editor's Note: This is an explanation by Web Producer Bob about our policy for reporting results from the Sochi Olympics, which begin Thursday.

The 2014 Winter Olympics begin Thursday in Sochi, Russia, even though the Opening Ceremony doesn't happen until Friday. I can't explain it - that is what they are doing.

Anyway, because the games are in a time zone several hours ahead of us here in the U.S. Eastern Time Zone, many of the events that our friends at NBC will be airing in prime time will have already taken place during the late morning and afternoon hours. Today, with social media and 24-hour news and sports networks, the results will be readily available to all before the prime time viewings.

And,we knowmany of you get upset when you hear results before getting to watch the event in prime time. But, we don't hold back any news or sporting results for our later newscasts, so the same will be the case this year. We will be posting results on and on social media when warranted. You depend on us for news and results when they happen and we can't switch from that because some want to watch events "as live" several hours later. That isn't how news works.

If you are trying to avoid event results, you will also have to avoid ESPN, CNN, USA TODAY, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, MSN, e-mail,and probably NBC itself.

We don't want to "spoil" your Olympic experience, but we want to give you the news when it happens.I don't know future Olympic plans off-hand, but when they happen in a time zone west of here, this won't be as much of an issue.