(WZZM) - We launch the next rendition of on Tuesday. We have been using the current layout for about three years now, and that is quite old in terms of the web. The new site will really bring out more in the photos and videos that we share, so hopefully you like it.

Let us know on Facebook or on the wzzmonlinebuzz Twitter account what you think...not that we can change it back or anything, but it is good to know and maybe we can help you out. For now, you can go to or for a sneak peek.

Did you make a Facebook "look-back" video? It is pretty cool and reports that in coming weeks, you'll be able to edit your own.

Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook's 10th -

Facebook at 10 - The Stats -

How Facebook has changed our lives -

Share with us how Facebook has changed your life - on Facebook, of course!

The Time Waster of the Week - the Facebook video obviously, and the Conference Call in Real Life is very accurate. Enjoy checking out all the videos of Tripp and Tyler -