GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- A 29-year-old woman is in custody for allegedly firing a shot through a McDonald's drive-thru window after workers got her burger order wrong a second time.

The shooting happened around 3 a.m. Monday at the McDonald's on 28th Street near Madison Avenue SE.

According to police, two women became angry when workers got their order wrong Sunday evening. The customers were told their next meal would be free. When they returned several hours later, the fast food workers made another mistake with the order.

Police say the passenger, 29-year-old Shaneka Monique Torres, got out of the car, yelled at the workers, pulled out a gun and fired into the window.

The bullet passed through the restaurant but did not hurt anyone.

The customers took off, but police tracked them down because they left a phone number following the first order. Officers later arrested Torres at her home.

She was arraigned Monday afternoon on three felony charges stemming from the shooting.Judge Kimberly Schaefer said she felt that "due to the nature of these charges, I believe significant bond is appropriate." She ordered Torres held on $50,000 bond. She will next be in court on February 21.

Police say the driver was not involved in the shooting and she cooperated with their investigation.