HOLLAND, Mich.(WZZM) -- Nathan Duszynski, a 13-year-old boy who recently had his downtown hot dog cart shut down, sold that same cart...and turned a profit!

Nathan sold his cart to packaging company Shoreline Container for $2,500 -- several hundred dollars more than he spent on it.

The city denied his business at a downtown location because of zoning regulations. Holland does not allow food carts to compete with downtown restaurants, according to city leaders.

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Shoreline Container heard about Nathan's problem and decided to help him out. Managers at the company was especially impressed by his professionalism at such a young age.

"He's just a real go-getter, and at that age that's unusual. It's unusual that they can relate to adults like he does and so he really caught our eye, so to speak," said Carolyn Norman, who works for the container company.

The packaging company will be using the cart for outdoor cookouts, but will still allow Nathan to use it on special occasions. In fact, Nathan already has one wedding lined up.