(WZZM) - Thereismore than one way to cook a turkey this Thanksgiving. Many will fry the birds in a vat of boiling oil.

This method has proven dangerous in the past if not done safely. We talked to Caledonia Fire Rescue to find out how to avoid the need to call the fire department.

These are some simply steps to stay safe, but please refer to your owners manual of your particular deep fryer. Thanks to the Caldonia Fire Rescue:

STEP 1: A suitable location for the deep fryer is on concrete or asphalt in an open area away from structures, overhangs, and trees. Do not use your deep fryer indoors, in a garage or on a wooden deck.

STEP 2: Fill your deep fryer with water as a way to measure how much oil you will need later.

STEP 3: Place your completely thawed turkey into water making sure there is enough water to completely cover the turkey, but not so much water that it spills out.

STEP 4: Take the turkey out of the water, and mark the water level as this will be how much oil you will need. Dump the water out.

STEP 5: Fill the vat with oil up to the place you marked with the burner off.

STEP 6: Light the burner, and start boiling the oil. Make sure to follow the direction for proper temperate using a thermometer. If the oil starts to smoke that is an indication that the oil could start on fire.

STEP 7: Make sure the turkey is completely dry and completely thawed. Wipe off any condensation.

STEP 8: Turn the fryer off making sure there is no fire.

STEP 9: Carefully lower the turkey in to the vat. If you drop it you could spill oil into the fire and it could ignite.

STEP 10: Light the fryer again.

STEP 11: Follow the instructions on proper cook time and temperature for the turkey. Never leave the fryer unattended.

STEP 12: Turn the fryer off when removing the turkey.

If a fire does occur call the fire department immediately, and never use water to put out a grease fire as this will only make things worse.

This Thanksgiving be safe and eat a happy deep fried turkey.
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