GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- According to asurvey for the American Institute of CPA's, 27% of married couples or those living with a partner said money is themost common topic of arguments. That's why Niem Green started his website seven years ago,

The site is free to join and does exactly what it sounds like, lets couples find a match based on their credit score. "It causes problems in the future and it does lead to divorce unfortunately," says Green. "Where you have someone who is perfect with their credit or finances and then you've got someone who's not, that always makes for a bad situation," Green adds. He's quick to point out however it is not a website about finding someone who's rich. "You have people who make twelve and fifteen thousand dollars a year but they have perfect credit because the manage their money well. It basically comes down to trust and seeing if people can stand by their commitment with the financial piece of it."

Green says for legal reasons, the site is not allowed to check the accuracy of the credit scores. Instead it's up to the user to enter their scores in their profile, similar to how you would describe yourself, only this is an exact number and less opinion.

Green says it's not only about honesty, but also practicality and planning for your future. "We're becoming more conscientious about our credit and our finances because we're forced to. Banks are tightening up in credit lending and it's not as easy as it once was to get the things we want and need. And in the event of emergency, they have credit available so they can weather these storms." isn't a guarantee of finding true happiness, nothing is, but it helps take away one big hurdle when it comes to getting along.