MARNE, Mich.(WZZM) -- The clean up has begun and it's not going to be cheap for the hardest hit communities and the many residents whose homes were flooded.

In Marne, the Deiss family is finding out just how much work it's going to be. Last week, their home flooded when the creek behind their home overflowed.

Linda Deiss' porch filled with water and four inches collected in her basement. "We started pumping, tried to pump it out of house, but as we got it out, more would come in," says Deiss.

The water has finally receded, but the clean up is too much. They finally called Servpro.

"We do a flood cut up, remove [wet drywall], disinfect wall cavities, disinfect the floor, dry all cavities when we're done," explains Ron Brunick of Servpro.

Like many residents, the Deiss family doesn't have flood insurance. There are ways to cut the cost of clean-up, such as doing the work yourself.

"You could save up to 50 percent. We have homes where they have carpet and padding out, contents removed, and all we have to do is come in and dry out," says Brunick.

A local company can also bill you later for the service. That will give you some time to see if financial help is available. It could be several more weeks before we know if there will be any federal funding for West Michigan.

"I would like to have spent the money on other things, but now we have this. We just have to deal with it," says Deiss.

If you need help with clean-up, the best advice is to call 211. They will direct you to any charitable organization that might be able to help.