STATEN ISLAND, NY (WZZM) -- This weekend we sent WZZM 13's Sarah Barwacz to New York to capture some of the stories of struggle and survival after Hurricane Sandy.

She was there following some West Michigan volunteers, but shares some of thestories she heard along the way with Val Lego on the Sunday 6 & 11 PM WZZM newscast.

Stationed in Staten Island, whichhad one of the highest death tolls in the storm, residents there still have no electricity and when people heard volunteers fromMichigan were there they begged our community for help. Many still don't have heat, or food and water, and it's been a week.

They say they're "the forgotten borough" because after a week many have still not seen many FEMA or city workers.

The gas shortageis also hindering clean up efforts, leaving people in line for anywhere from three to five hours for gas.

Most of the gas stations areclosed. The handful of gas stations that are opened have lines that wrap around for blocks. We found some lines that were a hundred people deep just forone tank of gas. And with no way to get around, many on Staten Island say they're stranded, not able to get to grocery stores or even loved ones to sleep somewhere else.

While it's pretty rough,bad events seem to bring out the best in people.Many people with so little giving up their last bit of food to someone else who had to feed kids.

There are a lot of sad stories. One man we met, has his whole family living on one block, all of them lost their home. Still they managed to find a smile while looking at a hundred year old family photo washed up in the storm.

WZZM will have many more stories this week, but the people of Staten Island are asking for donations as well as the entire east coast. To donate to theAmerican Red Crosscall 800-HELP-NOW.