LOWELL, Mich (WZZM) -- When you think of a rodeo, you probably picture bull-riding and bronco-busting, but Thursday's rodeo in Lowell actually featured a differed kind of ride -- wheelchairs.

The rodeo showcased manufactures and their all-terrain wheelchairs -- personal vehicles that can go through mud, snow, and sand. They are designed for farmers, hunters, and anyone with a disability whowants to go off road.

Ned Stoller of Michigan Agrability hosted the event.

"Easter Seals Michigan sponsors the agrability program, and we help farmers across West Michigan continue working," explains Stoller. "We broughtten chairs here and had people take them through the woods, through the mud, and even a cow pen."

Tom Veld a part-time farmer from Wayland came to the event.

"I have been in a chair for 35 years and I have really hurt my shoulders over years," explains Veld. "The more I push my manual chair, the more my shoulders hurt I have gotten to the point where I need to start looking at other options."

Veldgot to test out a number of the chairs, ranging from a three-wheel gas design that lets you ride your wheelchair into it to a six-wheel chair that the rider transfers into. There were alsotracked chairs thathad gun racks.

Participants came from all over the state to test the varied designs with prices ranging from $4,200 up to $14,000.

"I think I need one for myself," said Veld after a quick spin in a six-wheeler.

If you would like to learn more information about the Wheelchair Rodeo you can visit Michigan Agrability's website.