SPRING LAKE, Mich. (WZZM) - Over two decades in business the Magnum Coffee Roastery in Spring Lake has continued to grow. Now the company plans to expand again.

Early next year, work will begin to double the size of Magnum's facility on M-104. The expansion is expected to create new jobs in roasting, packaging, and shipping.

Magnum Coffee Roastery started in Grand Haven as a contract packager for national coffee brands like Seattle's Best and Caribou. Now the company focuses on private label bagged coffee for retailers in 48-states and
on 3-continents.

"We do everything from mom and pop stores to companies like Disney and Costco," say Robert Johnson, V.P. Sales and Marketing for Magnum. Johnson says 45 Magnum employees flavor, roast, and package dozens of private label coffees. Later this year Magnum will also launch its own premium coffee line called "Taste of the Exotics."

Bagged coffee sales in the U.S. grew more than 5-percent last year. At the same time sales of canned coffee shrunk.

At any one time, Magnum has more than 200,000 pounds of coffee beans imported from all around the world stacked and ready to roast.

Johnson says sales of coffee in comfort food flavors like cinnamon sticky-bun, French toast, and pumpkin pie are especially popular.

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