COMSTOCK PARK, Mich.(WZZM)- Only one factory in America makes the fine wood trim found in high-end vehicles, and you'll find that factory here in West Michigan.

NBHX Trim opened 22 years ago as Behr Industries. It's gone through a few name changes, but its product remains the same -- hand-crafted wood that iscut, sanded, polished and finished.

"It's natural and every single piece is different and unique," said Nobert Dieterle, the company's president since it began.

A typical piece of trim goes through70 hand touches before it's sent on its way to an another auto supplier or assembler.

NBHX was busy recently filling orders for the Cadillac XTS and Lincoln MKX. Its products can also be found inside BMW and Mercedes vehicles. It ispursing a contract with Lexus now.

The company now employs 511 people -- and has hired 140 in the past year alone.

"The economy ispicking up as far as automotive isconcerned. We're just selling a lot more vehicles out there.As a consequence we've really had to increase our production here," said Dieterle.