GRAND RAPIDS, (WZZM) -- Mindy Pierman and her friend are shopping for one-thousand-gifts that will go to families who otherwise wouldn't have Christmas.

Pierman says, "I think a lot of people need to remember there are a lot of people still struggling economy has a lot of issues and a lot of people haven't recovered."

Toys for Tots serves ten thousand West Michigan kidsages fifteen and under. Pierman says it's the teenage kids that have the hardest time this season.

Pierman says, "People love to give gifts for their seven, eight, nine, and tenyear olds. They forget there are a lot of older kids we try to give gifts to as well."

Pierman says that's where the Standale Meijer comes in they donated ten-thousand-dollars to make up for that gap. And soon all the gifts will be ready for families to pick out a toy that's right for their child.

Pierman says, "Our program is really unique in that the parents get to select the gift that their child gets, we find that's empowering for them and it's a nice feeling to know they'll be happy with what they get."

Sunday's goal is tofill up twenty carts.

Pierman says, "It's awesome, it's so nice to make this kind ofdifference, we do almost ten thousand kids a year, it's great to be able to make that kind of a difference in the community."

She says they couldn't do it without the community's help.