Grand Rapids - (WZZM) - There is a new activity in Grand Rapids that's high flying fun. It's a Sky Zone trampoline park that will have the whole family jumping for joy.

Ok, I promise no more bad puns, but if you have never seen a trampoline park before it is worth checking out because this is not your regular home trampoline. This is a warehouse sized room full of hundreds of tramps that are at floor level and tramps that line the walls. You can jump the width of the building hit the tramp wall and go back. There are sections for all ages.

Suzanna Breems is co-owner along with her husband. They decided to buy a Sky Zone franchise after a visit with their extended family in Minnesota.

"What sold us was seeing kids of all athletic abilities, maybe kids who wanted to be home watching tv, wanting to go to Skyzone to jump, " said Breems. "They didn't realize they were covered in sweat and having a good time."

When you first walk in the door you will be asked to sign a lengthy wavier which begs the question, "How safe is it?"

"Physical activities do have risk and tramps can have risks, but Sky Zone is leading the industry in safety standards," explains Breems. "We only allow one person per tramp. We constantly inspect the equipment, and we have trampoline lifeguards called court monitors."

There is also more to do then just jumping around, though you will be doing a lot of that. For example they have the Foam Zone, which is a giant pit full of blue foam that has tramp lanes that you can jump into..

"The point of the foam pit is for the jumper that wants to try the front flip, but is a little to scared to do it on the trampoline," says General Manager Ryan Wenk.

You can pretend to be Michael Jordan on one of their tramp basketball court lanes, or play some tramp dodge ball.

"Dodgeball is actually one of the bigger things at Sky Zone," says Wenk.

There are even trampoline fitness classes that involve a low impact sweat. After jumping for only 5 minutes many were working up a sweat.

For pricing and hours of operation visit -http://www.skyzonesports.com/grandrapids.aspx