FORDYCE, Ark. (KTHV) - A bizarre homicide investigation out of Dallas County is continuing to make headlines after the two latest suspects had their first day in court.

Authorities said that they were part of a murder and cover-up in the death of Nancy Harvill of Fordyce, who was originally from Grand Rapids.

KTHV 11 talked with Nancy Harvill's father, Homer Jones, who has come in from Grand Rapids to give his daughter a proper funeral and burial. He said that this murder and alleged cover-up are all a huge shock to him, especially since he received e-mails from his daughter's account after the time authorities said she died.

"It's hard, having a hard time, not getting much sleep," Jones said.

Sitting in a Fordyce gas station, Homer Jones was still absorbing the death of his daughter Nancy Harvill and the shocking circumstances surrounding it.

"It makes you want to find a rope and the nearest tree and string them up, if you don't use them for target practice. I am at this point," Jones said.

Authorities found Harvill's body buried inside a shed in the back of her home on January 8. They first arrested her stepbrother John Aldrich after he admitted beating her to death. Then on January 21, two more suspects were taken to court: another stepbrother, Christopher Aldrich, and stepmother, Sheri Bowen.

"The information provides that all three family members were active participants in the two-day torture and subsequent death of Nancy Harvill," Investigator Chuck Barker said.

Barker said they used things like broom sticks, baseball bats and frying pans to hurt Harvill, and after she died, they covered up her disappearance for more than a year. The cover-up work appeared to include fake emails to her dad.

"I was getting emails back from her, so I thought it was her, I didn't think anything about it until I got the news link, and I was like what?" Jones said.

It was an eerie discovery for a Dad, living on oxygen now for lung issues and hoping he wouldn't have to bury his daughter before his own time came.

"She'd give the shirt off her back," Jones said.

Harvill's dad said that given his current ailments, including blood clots in his lung, he only expects to live for another five or six years. He feels investigators need to arrest more people living in the home where this all happened. There is no word yet from authorities if they plan to arrest anyone else.

As for the suspects taken to court, a judge set their bond at $250,000 each. The next court appearance for all three suspects is February 20th.

THV 11 asked Christopher Aldrich if he beat and tortured his step-sister during his police escort to court and he said that he didn't. Bowen said she had no comment.

In covering this story, we've also learned Harvill had two young boys who authorities said possibly witnessed the attacks on their mother. They are now in DHS custody.