GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- A Grand Rapids couple want to say something nice about city workers after one retrieved the husband's wedding ring from the sewer.

Joe Myers was trying to flush his toilet and slip his ring on his finger at the same time. The ring slipped and was flushed.

Joe'swife, Angela, called the city for help.A worker lifted a manhole cover down the street from their home and retrieved the ring --at no charge.

"Here you listen all the time about how they're not out there on time with their plow trucks and when water mains break, this and that and the setback. And I thought, for them to go down into a 35 foot manhole to go get a piece of metal that meant nothing to them, and Adam actually said, when I thanked him, 'that's my job.' And I thought, wow," says Angela.

The Myers' called WZZM 13 News to share the story so they could say thank you to the city workers who came to their aid.