GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- Something as simple as a little house cleaning could empower other women searching for the right job. With the change of season around the corner, many women will do a little spring cleaning, especially in their closets. The Women's Resource Center of Grand Rapids could use any items that are no longer wanted.

"We would love to have any access that you have that is appropriate business wear. Something you would wear for an interview or for an office job," said Linda Dietrich, coordinator, of the Women's Resource Center Clothes Closet.

Dietrich says they serve just under 400 women a year, andare continually in need of different sizes and types of clothing for women. Right now, the center is low on clothes appropriatefor thespring.

"We do try and keep it like a boutique. We want it to be a positive shopping experience for them.

WRC provides a wide array of free services for local women particularly those looking to enter or re-enter the workforce. It has intensive programs for women including resume coaching, practice interviewing and a new job seeker support group.

Dietrich says "we are all in it together to help women get that job and build that career." She believes the right attire is as important as anything when it comes to landing a job and improving financial situations.

"Oh it makes a huge difference. I see women transform. When they put on a suit they take themselves more seriously. They stand up a little straighter and they really start to believe in themselves. They can go out there, present themselves in a professional manner and get the job," she said. "They usually come with limited means. To buy professional clothing, to buy a suit, to buy a blazer is very expensive. So it is one of the free services we have here. Women can come and we initially give them 3 outfits for interviewing and for the job. It is just a nice way to set them up and get them out and ready.

The Women's Resource Center is celebrating 40 years in the community. Dietrich says it is exciting to celebrate a long history of empowering women.

"I think it has really transformed the community in many ways," she said. I was a volunteer here for 9 years before I joined the staff and just in my little corner here I see women so that transform their family and all of the people in their realm of influence. There is a need for women to be supported and help them grow."

The center accepts donations during regular business hours which are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.. Tuesday between a.m. and 7 p.m. and friday between a.m. and 12 noon.

The Women's Resource Center is located at 678 Front Avenue NW Suite 180 in Grand Rapids. More information can be found on its website.