GRAND RAPIDS,(WZZM) - More than 21,000 competitors are signed up for Saturday's 5/3 Bank River Bank Run.

The race meanders through 15.6 miles of Grand Rapids neighborhoods and scenery.

And who better to accompany on a tour of the course than 7 time champion and race coordinator Greg Meyer?

Meyer, the last American to win the Boston Marathon, has run the River Bank Race many times and he admits some of the hills on the course are what he calls "buggers". But during a trolley tour with runners, Meyer said if they follow his the 25K run can be a "piece of cake".

"It's flat as a pancake until about 9 ½ miles," he points out.
"You run out and you run back. It's not that hard.

Runners taking the trolley tour with Meyer included experienced competitors and first timers like Renee Lafferty.

I'm glad I took the tour," she says. 'Just to get a foundation of what our challenges are going to be."

At the end of the trip, Meyer told the runners to have fun at the race. They've earned it.

"I'm assuming you have all done your training," he told the group. Just stick to your plan. It's not a big deal. The hard part was getting here. If you are here, you are fine."