GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - In this week's Beach Bound segment, Dr. Ross Sherman of the Grand Valley State University Movement Science Department shares some tips on how to maximize our summer workouts.

- For a casual exercise regimen, lasting less than an hour - try to avoid the heat of the day.

- When heading out in the early morning hours, make sure you eat something first... it doesn't have to be a big meal, just something to give you a quick burst of energy, like fresh fruit.

- You don't always have to bring those fancy sports foods and drinks.

Dr. Ross Sherman explained that,"If I'm working with a client or working with an athlete, anything less than an hour, I'd just say just drink water. Because if you're gonna get tired or you're gonna feel fatigued, it's the dehydration. Not the carbohydrate and even with sweating, yeah you're gonna lose electrolytes so the salt in your sweat when you kind of feel that salty kind of taste, yeah you'll be losing some but in the hour, it's not gonna severely hamper your work."

- The best time to refuel is after your workout, and a really easy and tasty fix is chocolate milk.

-Finally, no matter how good you look, keep your shirt on. Having a thin layer of fabric helps the sweat to evaporate and allows you to cool off more quickly. That shirt will also protect you from sunburn.