BYRON CENTER, Mich. (WZZM) -- Michigan could soon be on the fast track for new speed limit laws. State Senator Rick Jones is working on legislation that would allow drivers to go faster, potentially up to 80 miles per hour on parts of the interstate.

Near the College Avenue exit in I-196, drivers are blowing past the speed limit sign and Michigan law could be soon to follow.

"It's fine with me, people are driving it already anyway," says driver Robert Tracey.

A new proposal could raise the speed limit on freeways to 75 or possibly even 80 miles per hour. At the 76th Street truck stop, some call the idea outrageous.

"That's crazy, that's not good," says truck driver Zivko Josipovic. "The roads are not nice fo a 75 mph speed limit, some people can lose control."

"I think that's too fast, there's too much traffic for that amount of speed, they're already going 75 and 80 miles per hour, it'll just make them go 85," says driver Will Tieman.

The legislation would also require that speed tests be done throughout the state to determine how fast vehicles should be allowed to go. The goal would be to eliminate unnecessary speed traps.

"This is the best way to post speed and it's the safest," says State Senator Rick Jones. "Some cities post speed limits artificially low. For example, streets that should be 35 or 40 mph are posted at 25 and then they order the officers to write tickets to raise revenue, it's time that this abuse of citizens is stopped."

"Traffic flow would be a lot smoother, less congestion," says truck driver Kevin Byers.

"I travel to school a lot to hang out with friends, so it would definitely cut down on the driving time," says driver, Joe Venditti.

Senator Jones says state police would conduct the speed test for any community for free. They would also determine whether truck speed limits should increase.