GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- The homeless veteran whose transformation has been seen all over the world is back on the street, but his family says he is making progress.

Jim Wolf, 54, became a YouTube sensation after Grand Rapids native, Rob Bliss made a video of him, getting a makeover.

Wolf is a homeless veteran who has been struggling with alcoholism for several years. "It touched my heart, it brought me to tears", says Robin Thomas, Wolf's sister.

Robin didn't know about the video until it was done. It was put together by Bliss, with help from Degage Ministries, where Wolf is a regular. The emotional video says Wolf is taking control of his life.

Degage Executive Director Marge Parmalee says Jim Wolf is making progress. "Yes, he's going to Alcoholics Anonymous and he's on the list to get housing."

It is still a long road to recovery and the fix isn't just on the outside. "It wasn't intended to do that. It was intended to show hope that it is possible, but we know it's a journey," says Parmalee.

Wolf's sister says there was a time when Jim was sober and happy. But she says he went downhill after his mother passed away. "With alcoholism, leads to depression. Those have been some of his issues. And hopelessness."

Wolf has been arrested at least 80 times. All were misdemeanors. WZZM captured video of Wolf over the summer, lying in the middle of the road with a beer in his hand. He was arrested, taken to jail, but quickly released.

Robin is frustrated by the process. "Look at the hundreds of thousands of dollars spends on these arrests. There should be another way to take care of this. We need to fix this guy so we don't spend 87 more times doing the same thing."

Just this past weekend, Robin says Jim came to her house sober and raked leaves. She knows he's had good days and bad days since the video was made, but believes that it's given him the confidence he needs to get better.