(WZZM) - If you've been on the WZZM Facebook page, read YouTube comments, or gazed through any online comments thread, you've probable been disgusted at some point or another.

The internet world is full of trolls and just plain nastiness online, part of the greatness of the web being cheap and easy for all to access. I get to read through comments on WZZM 13's Facebook page much of the day and I have become somewhat immune to them, but I frequently hear from you about the vileness going on. I have a few tips.

*Don't encourage them. Even a brief response back telling them their comment isn't necessary is enough to let them know they have gotten under your skin and they'll keep doing it. There is a common mantra - "don't feed the trolls." Just roll your eyes in the comfort of your own home and move on.

*Don't try and argue with them, even if you are right. You can't win an argument on the web. It goes on and on and usually the wiser person doesn't have as much disposable time to keep the argument going for days on end. And if you happen to win the argument, who are you going to tell that will be impressed?

*Get off of Facebook or YouTube or wherever and go to Twitter. You have more control over your feed and can just get the info you want. And, people can't be as nasty in 140 characters.

Take the high road and rise above the trolls. Don't give them the attention that they are craving.

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