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(WZZM) - So, we changed the WZZM website this week. The new design is courtesy of our corporate leadership at Gannett. USA Today and all of the Gannett TV stations are in the process of switching to this design which is much cleaner and lends itself to bigger and better photographs and video - which is a hallmark of USA Today and TV stations everywhere. So, for those asking - yes, this design was tested and is working well in many bigger markets than Grand Rapids - and I think if you be patient and take some time clicking around, you'll like it better too.

That isn't to say there isn't some cleaning up to do and we'll be tweaking some things in coming weeks. Example - yes, we know the 10-day forecast doesn't fit in the 7-day window. We also got new weather computers in the past few weeks and they all aren't playing well together yet.

The change in design also came with a change in our Content Management System (CMS) as well, meaning how we put stories on the web changed as well. Since we are a news operation and can't shut down for a week to get everyone trained, there is a learning curve for all of our journalists and producers in getting up-to-speed on how to best present our news on the site. We were training the last couple of weeks, but if you remember, we also had snow storms, a prison escape, and a couple of major fires and crashes that kept people out of training sessions and on the street reporting the news. Some are really playing catch-up now and hopefully we'll have some slow news days coming up.

Thank you for all of your feedback...positive or negative, snarky or blunt, with correct grammar or in ALL CAPS. And I see I got a few more after the segment aired Saturday from people thinking they could still get in the piece.

So far this week, our total web traffic has not dropped off and actually went up a bit. With an absence of snow storms, things may drop a bit, but so far all is going well. And for our upgrade, at least everything kept working and the site didn't crash. :)


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