Phone won't charge? Try this trick

iPhone Cleaning Hack

It's a battle you know well: what to watch on tv at night. It's your typical male-female disagreement.

Yeah, kind of like about how hot or cold to set the thermostat. Or toilet seat up or down? 2 Wants To Know found another difference between genders could lead to men wearing out our cell phones quicker.

You see women tend to carry the phones in their hands or in their purse. But many men put the phone in our pants pockets getting a lot of lint in the charging portal.

Ben Briscoe WFMY News 2

This has happened to a couple of our iPhones around the station, and we found a really good trick to help solve it.

We're talking about when you take the charger and you plug it in but it won't go all the way up there. The problem is lint up in the iPhone from your pants pockets.

All you need to fix it is scissors and Q-Tips.

You're going to cut it at a diagonal, and you're going to use that to scoop the stuff out of your phone.

It takes a while. But it makes it where you can take your charger and plug it all the way and once again.

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