One Good Thing: Jay's Haircuts

Jay Kitchen recently dropped by a birthday party at the Pathfinders after-school program in Muskegon Heights to give the young men some free haircuts.

There is an after-school program in Muskegon Heights called Pathfinders. The group provides kids with mentors who help with schoolwork and life skills. Recently, a local man showed up to help some of the kids look and feel a whole lot better.

Jay Kitchen stopped by to give out some free haircuts. Turns out, they were having a birthday party that day for one of the mentors, and Jay just dropped in. Shauna with Pathfinders say the boys were blessed and knew it. Afterwards, one boy - who admittedly hadn't had a haircut in a while - said he just felt really good about the way he looked. Shauna says it was a great confidence boost for the kids and tells us Jay will provide the haircuts anytime he can. Because as we all know from the movie "Trading Places," looking good feeling good.

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For helping those young men out with a fresh hair cut and a dose of self-confidence, Jay Kitchen gets today's One Good Thing. And Pathfinders - thanks for all you do, as well.

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